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Mars is the great initiator, the bold challenger and the champion of all that is good and right.

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Rules ARIES and the 1st House

With the sword of righteousness, Mars cuts boldly through all obstacles. He is the part of us that feels invincible - our sense of adventure, our bravery, and our strength of purpose.

Mars represents our ability to act, with or without forethought. He is our protective reaction to threat and our reflexive reaction toward promise and opportunity.

We see Mars in how we approach others and take what we want and need. He is our strength, our vitality and our drive to conquer.

The SIGN in which Mars falls in your chart will describe your particular style of using force, energy, power and initiative, as well as your sexual drive.

The HOUSE placement of Mars will tell in what area of life you are most aggressive, forward, bold and daring.




This is the place of identity, wakefulness, our aspirations, our appearance, and how we approach the world.



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