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How to treat your SCORPIO

October 23 - November 21

for Scorpio Sun, Moon or Rising people or...strong Pluto or 8th House


Your Scorpio embodies the characteristics of the Ruler of the Underworld... Hades, Pluto - any name you call him by, he's one you don't want to mess with! This is one small, passionate arachnid who packs a whallop.

Now, I know Scorpio gets a bad rap. That's because people need to look beyond the stinger and get to the meat. And the meat is tasty. First of all, without resorting to actually devouring your Scorpio (although she'd love it), take into consideration these enticing Scorpionic traits: Your Scorpio is deeply intuitive, sensual, mysterious, sexy, prosperity conscious, able to make dramatic life changes, a powerful ally, and - yes - deeply spiritual. The key word here is deep....deep as the ocean herself.

So why wouldn't you want to mess with someone who sounds so alluring? Why should you think twice about badmouthing or - dare I say - leaving such a one? Because everything runs deep with Scorpio. All the good, and all the bad. Feelings are strong, and last forever! When you are aligned with his wishes, you are his champion, his partner, his war-buddy. When you cross the line, you might as well hide out for a year until her venom wears off. Just think of your Scorpio as the Godfather (as in the movie.) You get the picture.... you know what happens to traitors... Don't go there!

So, now that you know that you must be nice, what is it that your Scorpio needs from you?

First of all, let her know she is sexy, desirable, alluring and powerful. Tell him that the world is putty in his hands and that he is the ultimate sex-god. Venture into the unknown with your Scorpio. Discover dark hidden realms and uncover secrets.... be a spy with her. Or better yet, hide out so he can have the pleasure of finding you. Be available to satisfy your Scorpio's sudden urges, and believe in her neverending quest for self-discovery and the ultimate in spiritual fulfillment. Easy enough?

Don't forget to dance and have fun with your Scorpio... they do know how to have a good time... But always, always approach with caution. You will be rewarded with plenty of powerful and moving experiences, devotion, true friendship and a loyal friend - for life.


The WATER signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, are emotional & imaginative, they strive for meaningful connections ..............water is our reactions, the way we flow into each others hearts and merge energy   

Fixed signs are stubborn and unmoving - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

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October - Opal or Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline (traditional), Jasper (mystical), Opal (Ayurvedic)

November - Yellow Topaz or Citrine

Pearl (mystical), Topaz (Ayurvedic)


Planetary Stone - Ruby, Garnet


Lucky Stones - Aquamarine, Beryl

Others: Turquoise, Moonstone, Smoky Quartz, Peridot, Malachite, Rhodocrosite, Botswana Agate, Labradorite


Scents: Hyacinth, Siamese Benzoin, Woodruff, Pine, Thyme, Pennyroyal, Cardamon, Coffee, Tuberose, Pepper


SYMBOLS: Scorpion, Eagle, Wolf, Death or Transformation (Tarot),


PLANT: Cactus


GODS & GODDESSES: Pluto, Vulcan, Set, Ptah, Typhoon, Hephaestos




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