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to Cancer Man MoonCat's Astrology to Cancer Woman

How to treat your CANCER

June 22 - July 22

for Cancer Sun, Moon or Rising people or...strong Moon or 4th House

Your Cancer man or maiden is an especially kind and nurturing soul. Cancers are observant and empathetic. Just as the Moon fills with light from the Sun, your oceanic Cancer absorbs energy from those around her, deeply feeling their needs and desires. Your Cancer, like a warm mama, loves to fulfill you and make you comfortable. Home, food, garden, nursery, work - all become the loving charge of Cancer's love and care.

Sometimes your Cancer becomes overwhelmed with concern for others, and needs to take refuge in a protective shell to be shielded from negative influences. You may find your Cancer either hiding out or complaining sadly. It's just that he is filled to the brim with external woes, and just can't please everyone. Such a frustration!

For Cancer, the Moon who rules over his heart waxes and wanes, grows full with wild lunatic ravings and joy, and shrinks into that dark place where brooding and sulking can set in. Emotions are inconstant, but so entertaining for the lucky one who has a Cancer for a friend or partner!

The Cancer needs to feel needed. Don't hesitate to ask your Cancer for help, even if she seems downhearted. It makes her feel alive. Be sure to confide your deepest feelings and desires to your Cancer. It gives him the opportunity to be more a part of you, and strive to fulfill your happiness.

Feed your Cancer with a well stocked kitchen, room for a garden, pets, cozy decor and children. Take your Cancer to the water or ocean often. Allow your Cancer opportunities to use the deep imagination and creativity within. Be kind and patient when the Moon wreaks havoc on his moods. Make sure your Cancer has privacy when needed, and feels safe and protected. Screen his calls! Make sure her locks are secure! You will be rewarded with joyful, shining moonbeam smiles, and loving comforts of home to rival the most doting of mothers!


The WATER signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, are emotional & imaginative, they strive for meaningful connections ..............water is our reactions, the way we flow into each others hearts and merge energy  

Cardinal signs are dynamic leaders - Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn

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