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Jupiter is happy Jove, our mini-Sun. Bold, expansive, fearless and wise, he is fun and confidence in the future.

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Jupiter is a gambler, sharpshooter, faith healer and juggler. He thrives on spontaneity and has a tendency to exaggerate and take risks. To Jupiter, joy and high spirits are the order of the day, and truth is the greatest of treasures.

This is the planet of exploration and adventure, of broadening our horizons, and of appreciation for all that lives and breathes. Thus Jupiter is the teacher, traveler, explorer, linguist, student, theologian and philosopher.

The SIGN in which Jupiter falls in your chart will tell about how you use your education, travel experiences, knowledge, wisdom and good fortune to your advantage.

The HOUSE placement of Jupiter will tell in what area of life you are particularly wise, are expanding your knowledge, or are just plain lucky.

TRANSITING Jupiter takes about 1 year to pass through a Natal House. During that time you may experience increased opportunities through learning, travel and possibly risk-taking, plus a feeling of joy and independence in the area of life indicated by that house.




This is the place of mind expansion, higher education, religion, travel, soul searching, connections with foreign places and cultures, language and even the animal world.



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