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The Twins....Ruled by the Airy part of Mercurythe Winged Messenger

a Mutable AIR Sign to Gemini Moon and Rising signs

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May 21 - June 21

The Gemini is bright and aware. Like speedy Mercury, he seems to know exactly what is going on and where things are at all times. He enjoys helping others, and takes pride in his many abilities. Like a magician, he can juggle multiple tasks with ease, and is known for his skill and dexterity. He may be a writer, humorist, politician, handyperson, electrician, teacher, reporter or office worker. Gemini is practical, yet flighty. He needs movement, communication and travel lest he become bored.

The Gemini is a kind of dual soul. He can possess two opposing thoughts simultaneously, and reconcile them perfectly in his mind. He often voices different ideas and opinions and seems to be changing his mind, but in reality he is merely sharing his musings and decision making processes. To the ever positive thinking Gemini, every option has its advantage, and choices can take time.

Gemini has the unique ability to see both sides of any situation, and this makes him an excellent mediator or debater. He has a great understanding and appreciation for human nature. He loves people and values friendship, and so may actually go in two or more directions at once in order to satisfy everyone. If anyone can pull it off, it's Gemini. He is a natural politician.

In love, the Gemini's partner must be able to keep him entertained. He needs conversation, fun, changes and mental stimulation. He can be counted on to be clever, insightful, funny, witty and always a helpful friend.




Tim Allen, Miles Davis, Johnny Depp, Prince, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, John F. Kennedy, Tupac Shakure, Notorious B.I.G., James Belushi, Tony Curtis, Gene Wilder, Boy George, Paul McCartney, Bruce Dern, Noah Wyle, Donald Trump, George Bush, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Barry Manilow, Henry Kissinger, Marquis deSade



OPPOSITE SIGN: Sagittarius



MOON in GEMINI (also Moon in third house)

The Moon in Gemini man nurtures his mate with friendship, witty exchanges and playful excursions. He needs people in his life who will appreciate him for his sense of humor and his many skills. He likes to talk, think or write about his feelings. He would rather rationalize and reason his way through emotions than allow himself to feel them, so he needs a compassionate buddy to help him work through difficult times. Friends, siblings and his local community are very important to him.

GEMINI RISING (also Mercury rising)

Gemini Rising feels friendship all around him. He sees the world as a place where we may express ourselves, have fun and make friends. His first reaction to someone new is a handshake, a warm smile, a hug or a witty remark. Gemini Rising values communication, awareness, cooperation and social graces. The whole world is his family.

Gemini rising is here to cheer and encourage others.

Bob Hope, Fred Astaire


May - Emerald

June - Pearl or Moonstone

Lucky stones in pink, Planetary in italic

Tiger Eye, Agate, Emerald, Pearl, Chrysoprase, Tourmaline



Bergamot, Lavendar, Lily of the Valley, Lemongrass, Dill, Caraway, Peppermint, Benzoin, Wormwood


Archetypal Images, Tarot, Plants, Gods/Goddesses, COLOR

Twins, Magpie, Hybrids, Lovers (Tarot), Orchid, Hybrids, Janus, Mercury, Apollo Diviner, Twin Murti, ORANGE


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