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 Fire Signs 

The FIRE signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, are active & inspired, they strive for positive progress is the beginning, the first element of creation, spiritual energy.

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FIRE...... It warms us, comforts us, makes us glow. We move closer to it so we can feel it heating our bodies, then we pull away when it singes and burns. Fire takes us beyond this world and into the next.

We depend on Fire to enlighten us, inspire us and encourage us to take on what needs to be done without fear or hesitation.

Fire people are in tune with the wild untamed forces of nature and understand the spiritual nature of man. They have no time to wallow in the feelings that pass through them. The spiritual fire burning within consumes emotion and allows the Fire person to move on, forgive and forget. They don't want to stay fixated on one project. They need to constantly feed their inner flame with new experiences and perceptions. Far more than material riches, Fire people desire recognition for their shining abilities.

Fire people can seem brusque and hurried. They tend to rush through conversations to get to the heart of the matter. They get bored with the same people and ideas, and constantly look for more to feed their fiery souls. They often feel compelled by some higher force to take off on a personal quest or adventure. That is why Fire people feel more comfortable with other Fire people. Air people can be very helpful to them, too. They can offer new ideas to help fan a tiny flame into a roaring fire. They keep the Fire person in motion so as not to die out or be drenched by earth or water. They can help the Fire person make logical sense out of pure inspiration.

Some thrive more easily in Fire than others. Some are so Fiery that others perceive them as wild, dare-devilish, too-hot-to-handle. The downfall of Fire people is a tendency to become self-righteous. The gift they have to give is a natural connection to the spirit world that allows them to fully understand and forgive the perilous nature of humankind.



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