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Chiron - the Compassionate Centaur

Teacher, Healer, Bridge between the Body and Spirit

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Chiron Astrology by Martin Lass    Chiron in the Natal Chart - by Gregory J. de Montfort - 2000

Zane Stein's Chiron Symbol

Thanks to Zane B. Stein for allowing me to use his Chiron glyph

Last of the Centaurs, father of medicine, divination and healing (chiropractor, chiromancy, chirurgery), Chiron has been dubbed "the Rainbow Bridge" (by Barbara Hand Clow.) He is fairly new to me in astrological practice, but I do have some definite feelings about him. Many astrologers focus on the "wounded healer" aspect of Chiron. I do feel that the placement of Chiron in the birthchart may be indicative of past life karmic wounds, and even present life wounding and pain. While there is concensus that his function astrologically has much to do with healing old wounds, I am also inclined to focus on his capacity to feel the pain of others, his highly sensitive and compassionate nature, and his sacrifices for the sake of mankind.

Once immortal Chiron, teacher to many a Greek hero, was very calm and wise by Centaur standards. I believe that he represents in each of us the capacity for great compassion, sensitivity and self-sacrifice for the good of others. He was especially civilized for his race, and he trained many a hero - including Heracles, and the intrepid Jason (and the argonauts.)

Abandoned by his mother at birth, accidentally and mortally wounded - Chiron was unable to heal himself in spite of all the knowledge he possessed. Severely and painfully wounded by accident from a poison arrow (reputedly one he had given to Heracles!), he renounced the immortality given him by the gods and gave it to Prometheus in his stead (Prometheus was therefore released from the punishment dealt him by Zeus - of being chained to a rock for all eternity with an eagle tearing at his liver - which he had earned just for tricking the Gods into giving Man too much knowledge - including the use of fire!) So, Chiron was allowed to die - he did not suffer endlessly, but found a way out of his suffering. This, I believe is his greatest focus of energy - accepting and transcending his own pain, finding the way, leading, teaching, sensitivity and the capacity for deep inner healing.

One notable fact about Chiron is that his discovery in 1977 seems to coincide with a major shift in medical focus from traditional (Western World) physical body healing to a rich variety of whole mind/body healing tecniques. His half-man half-horse enlightened self has a desire to integrate energies - bring the beast together with the higher mind. According to Zane Stein, when Chiron was discovered, the Galactic Center (26 degrees of Sagittarius) was almost exactly conjunct the Ascendant. What could this mean? I believe that partly due to Chiron's influence we are at an evolutionary turning point on many levels, and though not entirely "enlightened" as a race, well on our way to righting many of the wrongs of the past. May Chiron show us the way to use the compassionate power of our minds and the strength of our bodies in unison - for the greatest good of all!

Chiron transits are said to trigger difficult and painful life passages. Could it be that these transits are meant to sensitize us to others? Perhaps they are only painful if we are unconscious or selfish. Otherwise, they may bring us inspiration, wisdom, kindness, compassion and opportunities to reach out to others. The recent Chiron/Pluto conjunction has been a topic of much discussion among astrologers as well. For me, this heralded a time of increased awareness about our personal power, along with consciousness and healing of sexual or violent wounding, and a focus on honesty and integrity in our sexual conduct.

There is much to be learned about Chiron's astrological influence on human beings. My little daughter was born with Chiron conjunct Pluto & the Sun (thankfully - in Sagittarius.) One might think dire thoughts, but I find her to be an extremely sensitive, intuitive and deep little child. She studies people intently, and she is very sensitive to pain.



Chiron : Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets

by Barbara Hand Clow

Essence and Application - a View from Chiron by Zane B. Stein - an textbook w/ ephemeris




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