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Tricia Newell  "King of Cups"  Mythic Tarot    CANCER

The Crab....ruled by the MOON and the Ocean's ebb and flow.....

a Cardinal WATER Sign   to Cancer Moon & Rising Signs

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June 22 - July 22

Cancer is the protective, caretaking force of the Zodiac. He soothes and consoles, understands and nurtures. Whatever lies within his territory is kindly and generously protected, with a fierce tenacity......children, home, friends, allies and possessions. Anyone who disturbs the close circle of Cancer's home will get pinched!

The Cancer is a sensitive soul whose protective nature extends to his own carefully guarded feelings. Cancer needs to feel strong, because he is responsible for so much and so many. Any assault on his personal strength, character or integrity is considered a serious threat, and he may hide, or turn and fight with bitter words.

Because the Cancer has a very deep intuition into the feelings and motives of others, he may detect hostility that is not readily apparent to others, or that is intentionally hidden. You may see or hear him strike out at a seemingly innocent person, but Cancer knows very well what lies beneath the surface.

Cancer is sometimes called touchy and sensitive. There is much behind this sensitivity. Ruled by water, he is an imaginative, creative, flowing and maternal person. Cancer enjoys all things related with caring for others - cooking, tending to young ones, decorating, teaching, healing, and gathering food. The Ocean has a special calling to Cancer, and his moods change with the phases of the Moon. Cancer can be gruff and crabby, or a silly lunatic, but most importantly, he can always be counted on to love unconditionally and to care for his loved ones with all his heart.




Tom Criuse, Bill Cosby, Bob Dole, Merv Griffin, Yul Brynner, Harrison Ford, Sly Stallone, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Ringo Starr, Mike Tyson, OJ Simpson, Louis Armstrong, Donald Sutherland


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MOON in CANCER (also Moon in fourth house)

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so this makes Moon in Cancer a very lunar individual! He is likely to have a round, moonlike face. His reaction in emotional situations varies with his mood and the phase of the Moon. He could be snippy and crabby, or be gripped with lunar madness and laugh his way through difficult feelings. Moon in Cancer nurtures others with great care and sensivity. He is in tune with women, mothers and mothering, and tends to treat everyone with a deep love and protectiveness. He needs soothing, mothering care in return.

Jimi Hendrix

CANCER RISING (also Moon Rising)

Cancer Rising sees the world as a place where everyone is loved, nurtured and cared for. He has a look of kindness and understanding in his eyes, and may also have a round, moonlike face. His moods are very changeable. One minute he's laughing hysterically, and the next he's frowning in a crabby sort of way. Cancer Rising readily shares his heart and memories with others.

Cancer Rising is here to model nurturing and caring for others.

Merv Griffin


 June - Pearl or Moonstone

July - Ruby

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Moonstone, Pearl, Opal, Ruby, Agate, Carnelian, Emerald, Green Aventurine, Marble, Silver, Tektite, Chalcedony

Jasmine, Lemon, Lily, Rose, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Yarrow, Cardamon, Onycha

Archetypal Images, Tarot, Plants, Gods/Goddesses, COLOR

Crab, Turtle, Sphynx, Chariot (Tarot), Lotus plant, Artemis, Moon Goddesses and Gods, Dionysius, Khephra, YELLOW-ORANGE



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