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Astrology is not your daily horoscope. How could 1/12th of the world's population have the same fate as you? Real Astrology is so much more. Your personality has a bit of every sign and every planet, in a blend of elements unique to you.

It's not the best way to decide what to do today. Regardless of what your astrologer or horoscope may say, your choices will ideally be based on your own inner voice, your higher self - the voice of reason and clarity. Whatever you may learn from a Transit or other predictive reading will hopefully give you insights into trends and possibilities in your future, with a focus on opportunities and feelings - not specific events. The intention will hopefully be to help you accept and prepare for your challenges.

Astrology is not a religion, nor does it make one irreligious to use astrology. God - whomever or whatever that means to you - created our universe ages ago, and gave people varying visions of spiritual meaning for existence in this universe. One of those visions grew into the art of Astrology - in all it's many forms in various cultures. It is deeply ingrained in Eastern philosophies, and in the West it has been accepted more often than rejected by popular theology*. It is a living art, growing and changing with each new cosmic discovery.

Your Natal Chart is not a way to cop out on personality problems. Whatever difficult traits you may have are meant to challenge you to become a better, stronger, more spiritual person.

to... ASTROLOGY (what it is...)


Okay, so maybe you don't believe me.... If you really want to pin the rap - try playing BLAME THE PLANETS !!! (It's a great way to learn about Astrology, too) or take a look at MoonCat's Mental Meowscopes!!


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