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 Air Signs 

The AIR signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, are intellectual & mobile, they strive for reason and understanding ...............air is the mind, the first formation of ideas, the plan for creation...

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AIR...... It breezes and swirls around our us, filling us with wonder. We feel it delightfully stirring us. We get caught up it its flurries

We depend on Air to refresh us, push us, encourage us to venture into new territories in our minds.

Air people are in tune with the formation of ideas. They don't want to stay in one place or remain with what is safe and familiar. They need to constantly feed their heads with the new and inspiring. They refuse to let their emotions rule them. Every feeling can be explained and resolved - logically. They are not sure what they believe in, their beliefs change with the seasons and the winds.

Air people can seem calm and even indifferent. They have a knack for coolness in emotional situations that helps them to resolve difficult issues with understanding and impartiality. They are sometimes flighty and changeable. They get bored easily, and need constant mental stimulation. This is why Air people feel more comfortable with other Air people. Fire people can be very helpful to them, too. They can offer that spark of inspiration that sets ideas into motion. They understand what drives the Air person and can comfort with spiritual light when reason and logic fail.

Some soar more easily through the Air than others. Some are so Airy that others perceive them as flighty, fickle, silly. The downfall of Air signs is a tendency to become consumed by a single idea. The gift they have to give is a natural ability to make sense out of almost anything, thus providing others with the know how and method to achieve.

beautiful Air Dragon above compliments of the hatchery!


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